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B2B payments are hard!


"The most important thing to grasp is that payments are just one small part of an interdependent series of back office processes and exchange of information between business buyers and suppliers.

Solutions fall into three categories:

1️⃣ They focus on a specific business process (treasury, accounts payable, etc.) and aim to be best of breed (High Radius, Kyriba)

2️⃣ They attempt to address all of these business processes (SAP, Intuit)

3️⃣ They primarily serve buyers (Coupa) or suppliers (Billtrust)

But there is a lot of overlap as solutions expand into adjacent processes or build B2B networks that serve the needs of both buyers and suppliers.

Ironically, as we digitize payments we inadvertently exacerbate some of the challenges. For example, once upon a time the explanation of what a payment was for was delivered in an envelope with a check. Now remittance data is disassociated from the funds and delivered in a variety of formats (PDF, excel, a URL linking to a portal).

The enduring challenges related to inefficiency and working capital are opportunities for value add services that augment increasingly commoditized transaction revenue."

B2B payments are hard!


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