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Contactless Card Limits


"About 53% of all global card transactions will be conducted using contactless methods rather than traditional chip and PIN methods in the next five years, according to market data from Juniper Research.

While the concept of contactless payments originated in the 1990s, it has since become widespread, especially since the pandemic, with governments around the world promoting the use of contactless technology to facilitate social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus.

Merchant Machine conducted an in-depth research on contactless card limits in 131 countries, finding significant variations in transaction limits:

◼️ Venezuela has the highest transaction limit of any country in the world, with a limit of 5000 Bs. Or $272.02 (£225.59).

◼️ Five of the ten highest limits in the world are in Asia, with consumers in Japan benefiting from the highest transactions ($151.08 or £125.29) on one card tap.

◼️ The UK ($120.65 or £100) has one of the highest card limits in the world and the largest in Europe.


While most countries adopt a transaction limit to protect customers from fraud, the United States is one of two countries (Ecuador being the other one) where there are no such restrictions. Instead, merchants can place a discretionary cap on payments, meaning that the practical limit is $10,000 for Visa, Mastercard, Discover Financial Services, American Express, and JCB (i.e. the maximum of a standard credit card).

However, apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay reportedly support up to $50,000!!

Looking ahead, with governments, financial institutions, and technology companies continuing to invest in infrastructure and innovation, the shift towards a cashless society is accelerating, although cash and cash-based methods will remain prevalent in certain regions."

Contactless Card Limits


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