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=How Consumer-Presented QR Code payment works


"Unlike the Merchant-Presented QR Code payment method, the Consumer-Presented mode of QR code is more widely used in the mobile wallet landscape due to its better user experience for both of consumer and merchants, enhanced security and easier integration with merchant POS software.

With Consumer-Presented mode, the consumer presents the payment QR code in their mobile wallet app(such as an FFT e-Wallet app) and the merchant scans the QR code to initiate a payment. 👇

The consumer takes these steps to create the QR code:

1️⃣ Open the Wallet app and select the “make payment” option.

2️⃣ The app generates a Unique Customer Identification Code (UCIC) using a specific algorithm, displayed as a QR code.

3️⃣ Present the QR code on the mobile device to the merchant.

This process completes swiftly, enabling the merchant to collect payment:

1️⃣ The merchant totals the consumer's purchases to calculate the amount owed and notes the order ID.

2️⃣ The merchant scans the QR code using a dedicated scanner or their own eWallet app, capturing the UCIC.

3️⃣ Upon successful scanning, payment details, including amount, order ID and UCIC are sent to the e-Wallet servers for processing. The e-Wallet server validates the UCIC and checks the consumer's funds or linked payment methods. If the account has enough balance or resources, the payment is approved.

Consumer-Presented QR mode helps reduce payment errors as merchants can immediately verify transaction outcomes:

1️⃣ Merchant Confirmation: The merchant receives a payment confirmation from their system or eWallet app, indicating a successful transaction.

2️⃣ Consumer Confirmation: Simultaneously, the consumer’s eWallet app confirms the successful transaction.

NOTE, 💡 Security Measures for High-Value Transactions:

For transactions exceeding the user’s limit or when risks are detected, an additional security step is required:

1️⃣ The consumer generates and presents a QR code.

2️⃣ Upon scanning, a checkout page appears on the consumer’s device.

3️⃣ The consumer then enters their payment password to complete the transaction. "

=How Consumer-Presented QR Code payment works


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