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LLaMA 3 is here! (open source)


"Some impressions:

  • Faster, faster in everything, faster in delivering simple coding tasks with high quality; faster in image generation.

  • Better and more natural results (compared to other popular LLMs) for translation between Chinese and English. According to my friends, it also does a great job translating English to other languages like German & Italian.

  • Next-level AI assistant. It can return high-quality recommendations for trips, event planning, etc., with great external knowledge and accurate information. The conversation is super smooth.

  • It can do animations and turn them into GIFs for the images you generated; the quality is decent but may not be as good as other specialized AI tools like Midjourney.

If you are a facebook user, here's an extra bonus - you can now access Meta AI right from your Facebook feed - just type your question!

The release of powerful open-source models like LLaMA 3 has the potential to disrupt the AI landscape by putting pressure on closed models to innovate and reduce prices. As a end user, I absolute love it.

This competition could ultimately drive the development of more advanced, affordable, and accessible AI for everyone."

LLaMA 3 is here! (open source)


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